Hispid Hare

by Gun Mother

Hispid Hare recorded at Oddfellows Studio, Fall 2016. 

Engineered by Jerry MacDonald

Produced by Adam Glasseye Beckley and Ryan Brown

Orchestral Arrangement by Sara Honeywell

Adam Glasseye Beckley - Vocals, Guitar, Organ

Georgia Young - Vocals, Guitar

Ryan Brown - Synths

Tony Leva - Bass

Nate Greenslit - Tupan, Drums

Sara Honeywell - Trombone

Barbara Anndrea Arriaga-Delaney - Vocals, Cello

Bryan Murphy - Trumpet

Joe Kessler - Violin

Song and Words by Adam Glasseye (2016, Ruined Melodies)


Merry and Bold, Queen Bee and Broken Boy are demos recorded at Reverend Glasshouse, 2015 - 16

Adam Glasseye Beckley - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Banjo, Harmonium, Mellotron, Morsing

Georgia Young - Vocals, Guitar

Barbara Arriaga - Cello

Sara Honeywell - Stylophone, Trombone

Tony Leva - Bass Fiddle

Nate Greenslit - Percussion, Tupan