Hispid Hare




Stay by my side

Through the depth of the night

It is quiet and unburdened

And we shall know rest


We shall know rest

When the body transformed

Past the boundaries of lust

And the levees of pride


I’ve come to accept that

My hands are unclean

There are things that I’ve done

That I cannot redeemed


I wanted to be free

Of all of these things

So I gave up my body

And wandered alone


There is peace in the hole I have dug

In my dreams, I’m still king

of Jackrabbits


Some may venture but none will approach

In my dreams, I’m still king

of Jackrabbits


Free to scream with the moon

In my dreams as the king

of Jackrabbits

Here I have sworn to the drove


I love you so much

That it feels like a wound

And as we collide

We are bound to this room


And every experience

Is bound to this room

I see 10,000 moments

But nary a home.


Nary a Home,

But too many caves

And too many fires

And too many shades


And just like the hare

Who lives on the moon

I would give myself to your fire

And love you alone.


Run Rabbit Run


Give me your darkness

My darling, my dear

Give my your heartache

And give me your fear

Give me the outrage

That God disappeared

Give to me the solitude

That you found here


I’ll give you the moon

And throw myself on the flame

I’ll trade one unburdened evening

For a lifetime of chains


It is only a body,

It’s supposed to be dragged

Through 10,00 moments

But nary the same.