Photography by Lindsay Metivier

GUN MOTHER, at its root, is a folk band. Deconstructing influences from folkloric American ballads and spirituals, greenwich village songwriters and San Francisco psych folk, the band conceives a form of story song  brought to life in a way both minimal and orchestral. The songs are naked, brutal and triumphant - a new folk music for a dire and cautionary time. 

What started as a songwriting duo between Adam Glasseye (Reverend Glasseye) and Georgia Young (Animal Hospital, Brian Carpenter and The Confessions) has since recruited Bear Brown (Ho-Ag, Horse Hands) on Synths and sounds, collaborating as a songwriting partner and sound designer, pushing the band in different directions with influence and persuasion, Sara Honeywell (Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band) on trombone and arrangement and Nate Greenslit (Bury Me Standing, HUMANWINE) on percussion and drums.



Adam Glasseye: Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Harmonium

Georgia Young: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Bear Brown: Synths, Loops, Bass Guitar

Sara Honeywell: Vocals, Trombone, Melodica, 

Nate Greenslit: Drums, Percussion, Tuppan