Photography by Lindsay Metivier

GUN MOTHER came out of a very trying winter.

Under the gloom of New England's ten foot tall snow embankments, somewhere in the midst of Winter 2015, Adam Glasseye Beckley (Reverend Glasseye) and Georgia Young (Brian Carpenter and the Confessions, Animal Hospital and many more) decided to start a folk band. What started as a love letter to traditional music, evolved into a beautiful and existential duet, singing story songs about fog, circles, caves, ancient Roman lawyers and the mythical rabbit in the moon.

The songs are sometimes accompanied by our wonderful collaborators and family:

Sara Honeywell: Trombone, Stylophone, Melodica, Melotron

Barbara Arriaga: Cello

Ryan Brown: Bass Guitar, Banjo, Synth, Loops

Anthony Leva: Bass Fiddle, Sintir, Samples

Nate Greenslit: Drums, Percussion, Tuppan