Photography by Lindsay Metivier

Gun Mother is a Boston/Providence based folk band that was founded in the middle of the winter a few years back by songwriters, Adam Glasseye (Reverend Glasseye) and Georgia Young. Initially inspired by weirdo folk acts, such as Roy Harper, Mimi and Richard Farina, Karen Dalton and Bill Fay as well as traditional American folk music, Gun mother began as a duo singing abstract songs about the observations of things and rabbits, geometry and fog.

Gun Mother has since become a full band and has begun exploring the indelible unity of the banjo, trombone and synthesizers. We still make folk music. It is still weirdo folk music. Sometimes it is a psychedelic, sometimes it is absurd. The songs tend to be more sad than not, but our fanbase doesn’t seem to mind.

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Adam Glasseye: Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Harmonium

Georgia Young: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Bear Brown: Synths, Loops, Bass Guitar

Sara Honeywell: Vocals, Trombone, Melodica, 

Nate Greenslit: Drums, Percussion, Tuppan